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Special offers for materials

Commercial and industrial company INFRAHIM

— Is the modern multipurpose enterprise which is carrying out wholesale deliveries of paint and varnish production, chemical raw material and fireproof materials in all regions of and the countries CIS.

The today's assortment of offered production totals more than 1000!

Besides traditional building paint and varnish materials on organic solvents, «INFRAHIM» offers new highly technological production and paint and varnish materials of special assignment. Such as >>

  • Fireproof materials of new generation;
  • Paint and varnish materials for motor transport and agricultural machinery;
  • Materials for a marking of roads;
  • Ship, railway and aviation paint and varnish materials;
  • Paints, enamels and varnishes for devices, the equipment and home appliances;
  • Decorative paint and varnish materials for furnish of furniture;
  • Varnishes and enamels for electric isolation and marking;
  • Paint and varnish chemical-proof, oil-gasoline-proof, weatherproof;
  • Chemical raw material: pigments, pitches, and special structures;
  • Solvents, glue, hardeners, accelerators, mastics and mixes;
  • And much, many other things...

Consumers of «INFRAHIM» production are the largest giants of the domestic industry: oilmen, gasmen, builders, and the enterprises of retail trade and private businessmen.

Our strategy — stable high quality of delivered production!

The department of quality management created in 1997 guarantees holiday only the certificated production strictly corresponding to requirements of GOST.

Having addressed to us, you receive competent consultation of experts on any question of application of paint and varnish and fireproof materials.

One more important criterion in our work — efficiency!

You can be sure, that your order will be executed in the shortest terms with observance of requirements of the safety precautions providing safety of a cargo at transportation.

All cargo is insured at our expense. With the railway at us old partner communications, cars and containers are allocated out of turn.

Besides railway transportation, we carry out shipments air and a sailing charter, delivery by our own motor transport is possible.

Now about the main thing — about a price policy!

Having compared our prices for offered production with the prices of other manufacturers and suppliers of paint and varnish and fireproof materials, you for certain will prefer cooperation with our company.

Be sure: «INFRAHIM» is the reliable and favourable partner!

The motto of our enterprise — High quality at stable efficiency. Huge assortment at really low prices!

Yours faithfully,

General Director of «INFRAHIM» Cherkashin Alexey Evgenjevich

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